A New Widget Editor & Interview Tags

To make it easier to get set up and organise your user interviews on Ribbon, we've now added two new features - a live widget editor and interview tags.

A New Widget Editor & Interview Tags

Live Widget Editor

You can now customise the Ribbon widget to suit your website's branding and preview what your users will see straight through our new widget editor. We've also added some additional styling options letting users add rounded corners and full-width buttons to give you more control over your users' experience.

Organise your team's user interviews with tags

Your team's product research is like to span multiple different projects, product areas and research objectives. We've now added tags to help you organise and find user interviews for each of your research projects:

You can add tags to individual interviews and then filter out all interviews belonging to a specific tag straight through a new search bar on your dashboard:

That's this week's update, happy researching!