Introducing Personalised Rooms

You can now start user interviews directly through your own personalised Ribbon URL.

Introducing Personalised Rooms

Since the beginning, a guiding principle for how we build Ribbon has been to make it as easy as possible for product teams and researchers to connect with research participants in the right context.

That's why today, we're excited to announce two new changes to the Ribbon platform that make it easier to start research sessions with real users quickly: Rooms and Screening Surveys.

Rooms - Your personal research space on Ribbon

To help product teams quickly get in front of research participants, each researcher on Ribbon now has their own Room with a unique and personal URL.

Here's how it works:

Each account that signs up to Ribbon gets a personal URL, where all your research sessions on Ribbon will take place, such as

When you start a research session, your session will take place on this URL. You can still recruit participants directly through the Ribbon widget on your website if you want to, but you can also choose to share your personal link with anyone you want to interview.

A personal URL makes it easy to invite participants to sessions wherever you want to reach them and allows you to coordinate more of your research on Ribbon without having to store your insights across different tools. Whether you're looking to recruit users in context, directly from your website, or invite them by sharing your personal link, all your sessions are recorded and stored on your Ribbon account.

Here's more information on our docs on how to use your Room in your own research.

Screening Surveys

To help researchers target their participant recruitment even further, we've also launched Screening Surveys. Screening Surveys live in the Ribbon widget on your website. They make it easy to collect more data about your participants and disqualify potential participants based on their answers.

The answers participants give to your screening surveys are stored in the session summaries, so you can collect useful segmentation data before your participant even joins a research session.

Going forward we are focusing on making it as smooth as possible to recruit and interview users directly on Ribbon, with more improvements launching in the next few weeks. We're excited to see how people get creative with their rooms and screening surveys.

Happy interviewing!