Introducing insights - A flexible way to capture and share your research findings

Capture insights that matter with video highlights and insight reports.

Introducing insights - A flexible way to capture and share your research findings

We're big believers in the notion that research is only useful if it inspires action. No matter how well you've prepared and executed your research study, the value of your research is only realised once you share your findings with your wider team so they can take informed decisions.

That's why we're excited to share two new features that make it easier to build your insights repository on Ribbon - video highlights and insight reports.

Capture moments that matter with timestamped notes and video highlights

When you complete a user interview on Ribbon, you'll already have access to a video recording of your session. Next to your video call, you'll now find an entirely new notes section, where you and your team can take notes about what you're observing during your interview.

Each note you take is time-stamped and creates a video highlight, a text note with a link to the point in the recording when the note was taken.

During the interview, your notes are only visible to other members of your team who are participating in or observing the interview. After the interview is complete, you can further edit and extend your notes directly from the session summary page.

Summarise and share your findings in flexible insight reports

Once you've completed a few studies, some key insights will likely start to form in your mind based on what you're observing. This is a great time to start noting down your findings in a format that you can easily share with your team.

To capturing and share these insights, you can now create flexible insights reports in Ribbon. These reports can contain your main finding as well as embedded links to research evidence (in the form of video highlights) you've gathered during your studies.

To create a new insight report, simply head to the Insights section, and create a new insights report. In your new report, you can note down your finding and link directly to any video highlights that support this finding.

After you've created your insight report, you can easily add this insight to a project or share a link to the report with your team.

We've launched both video highlights and insight reports in beta to users on all plans, and really look forward to hearing your feedback. Happy researching!