A new home at ribbonapp.com

As we're setting sights on helping more teams build best-in-class products, we're moving to a new domain.

A new home at ribbonapp.com

What's in a domain name?

Ever since we launched Ribbon as an experiment late last year, we've focused our time on primarily one thing:

Make it simple for product teams to continuously gather insights and feedback in-context.

This doesn't just relate to our mission, but also describes how we go about building products at Ribbon. Try a few things out, gather feedback early and often, see what resonates and axe the rest. Iterate based on feedback and insights coming from continuously doing just enough research.

Our old domain, tryribbon.com, has been a good home for launching to the wider product and user research community, and for developing a better understanding of the challenges that teams face in their daily research. Now, as we're setting sights on helping more teams build best-in-class products through continuously doing lightweight and context-based research, we're moving to a new domain.  

Our old home, tryribbon.com, now redirects to ribbonapp.com, a slightly clearer and more focused home for the Ribbon platform.

Any existing integrations of the Ribbon.js script relying on tryribbon.com will still continue to work for the remainder of 2021. Importantly, you can still directly reach us for any support queries at [email protected], as well as [email protected] for any general queries.

Over the next week we're also launching some exciting new features to help teams of all sizes organise research and do product discovery and research more easily, regardless of how many visitors you have to your website.

Until then, happy interviewing,

Axel & the Ribbon team